बुरा न मानो होली है …don’t be sad, it’s Holi!
17th Mar 201423:44
Fruits for days at the Devaraja Market, Mysore #latergram
Going down to the riverrrr @ Mysore Bird Sanctuary #lagergram #nofilter
The McDonald’s Golden Arches still bring smiles to our faces here in India. Half way across the world and their French fries still taste the same…but even better as a side to my McSpicy Paneer burger
10th Mar 201412:54
The rooftop of our actual residence ODP, on which we spent the great majority of our time in Mysore
10th Mar 201412:54
Missing our residence in Mysore…just kidding, only spectating the light show lighting up Mysore Palace✨
10th Mar 201412:33
A different take on the world
28th Jan 201408:26
Taken at the Tibetan Enclave in Karnakata. So breathtaking!
28th Jan 201408:25
Sun, moon and stars by Liz and I, inspiration by Ravi
28th Jan 201408:21
Coffee in the making ❤️
28th Jan 201408:18
Opaque  by  andbamnan